Music and songs inspired by Trees, Woods and Forests. All tracks appear by kind permission of the writers and artists involved. Listed alphabetically by artist’s names. Please bookmark this page and keep checking back as we’ll be regularly adding new music.
So far, this page hosts tree-related tracks from Damh the Bard, Elfwind, Erin Rose Conner, Greywolf, Morrigan’s Path, Phil Thornton, and Telling the Bees.
We aim to produce a CD of tree-inspired music, songs and poetry, and to have a selection of musicians, story-tellers and poets perform at a series of concerts throughout 2017. If you have a track or tracks you’d like to offer to help promote our work with the Spirits of the Trees, or would like to play for us, please post links either in a comment to the most recent item on our News page, or on our Facebook page. Thank you kindly 🙂

What better way to start than with Damh the Bard‘s great run through the trees and shrubs of the Ogham alphabet, from his album, The Hills They Are Hollow?

Wymondley Wood is an instrumental piece for recorder ensemble. Recorders, of course, are traditionally made from wood…

This chant was composed for the Spirits of the Trees and recorded in a single take immediately after it was written, hence it’s a little rough around the edges. It was designed to be used in the Spirits of the Trees Ceremony, but feel free to substitute a favourite tree chant of your own if you have one, or why not create a new one? 🙂

Lady of the Greenwood was written after a ceremony and some strange encounters in a wood one summer’s afternoon. One of the people involved was Andy Letcher, two of whose songs, recorded with Telling the Bees, are featured below 🙂

Love this one from Morrigan’s Path, called Tree Talk. Great video too 🙂

The Brigand’s song (‪Cântec haiducesc‬) is a traditional Romanian song with music by Phil Thornton. Arde-mi-te-ai is an exclamation that cannot be translated exactly, it’s somewhat melancholical. The singer is addressing himself to the woods, speaking to them. Ardemiteai, codru des ……exclamation – “thick forest, you can see, it’s been decided, that I would not find my way out of you..” That’s the first verse. The second verse says c-am intrat copil blajin, s-Acuma-s mosneag batran. “I went inside as a young boy, and now, now I am an old man..” It talks about the love for the forest.

Lead singer and songwriter, Andy Letcher’s paean of praise to wood itself, and to the craftspeople who use it, more specifically to the makers of musical instruments.

The title speaks for itself 🙂